TOP 3 Review: Collagen Shampoo – Is It Really Worth It?

Theres been a lot of talk in the world of hair care, about collagen infused shampoos that claim to revive lifeless hair. But with so many options, how do you choose the right one? In this article, we’ll dive deep into a comprehensive review of three popular collagen shampoos: OGX Thick & Full + Biotin &amp Collagen Shampoo, Viviscal Thickening Shampoo and another variant of OGX’s Biotin & Collagen shampoo.

Tips on Selecting the Ideal Collagen Shampoo for Your Specific Hair Texture

When choosing a collagen infused shampoo it’s important to consider the traits of your hair. Hair relies on collagen, a protein to keep its strength and flexibility intact. According to a Journal of Investigative Dermatology study, collagen can reduce hair thinning and improve hair growth.

For individuals with fine hair a gentle collagen infused shampoo is perfect. It won’t make your hair heavy. It will give it the strength it needs. Try to find shampoos that contain collagen indicating that the collagen has been broken down into smaller molecules that can be absorbed more easily. A study in the International Journal of Trichology highlighted the benefits of hydrolyzed proteins for hair, noting their ability to penetrate the hair shaft and fortify the hair from within.

If your hair is thick or curly you might find that using a collagen infused shampoo could work well for you. These mixtures frequently include moisturizing components such, as natural oils or shea butter aiding in maintaining your hairs moisture and minimizing frizz. According to research in the American Journal of Botany, natural oils can complement collagen’s effects by providing additional moisture and protection to the hair.

Why are additional ingredients important in collagen infused shampoos?

Besides collagen these shampoos usually have components that improve the overall health of hair. Biotin, also referred to as Vitamin B7 is frequently included. A study in the Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology found that biotin can significantly improve hair growth in individuals with thinning hair.

Another used ingredient is keratin, which collaborates with collagen. While collagen improves the hair’s elasticity, keratin, as per a International Journal of Cosmetic Science study, fills in the porous spots in damaged hair. The combined effects of collagen and keratin can greatly enhance the look and wellbeing of your hair.

In conclusion, the right collagen shampoo is mainly about your hair type and peculiarities. Knowing how collagen and its synergistic ingredient work affects what shampoo you can choose to benefit your hair as much as possible.

When to Use Collagen Shampoo for Optimal Results

Use collagen shampoo as per the instructions and ideally on a regular basis – those with dry, brittle, or thinning hair may see improvements quicker, while those with healthier hair could perceive the effects more subtly over time. Choose a matching conditioner if required to complement your hair care routine.

OGX Thick & Full + Biotin & Collagen Shampoo: A Detailed Review

OGX shampoo is getting mixed reviews. Its sweet apple and cinnamon scent and its ability to soften hair are raved about. But complaints about its heavy consistency and difficulty in pouring out of the bottle raise doubts. The shampoo is sulfate free, making it a must-have if you have a sensitive scalp or hair extensions. But some purchasers claim it makes their hair parched or oily.

Pros and Cons of OGX Thick &amp Full + Biotin &amp Collagen Shampoo

  • Positives; Has a fragrance doesn’t contain sulfates and makes hair feel softer.
  • Downsides; The thickness varies and outcomes can be hit or miss. Some experience dryness while others deal with greasiness.

Exploring the Benefits of Viviscal Thickening Shampoo

Viviscal’s biotin-loaded shampoo contains keratin, marine collagen and seaweed extract to strengthen hair and decrease breakage. Reviews are mixed. ‘It smells amazing and it does make your hair feel really healthy but it did nothing for thickening it,’ writes one person. Another says: ‘Gives my hair a new life’. I suspect that it depends on hair type.

Pros and Cons of Viviscal Thickening Shampoo

  • Strengths; Includes biotin and keratin for addressing thinning hair.
  • Downsides; Could make fine hair look flat and opinions on how it works vary.

How to Use Collagen Shampoo for Maximum Benefit

With maximum benefiting purposes: drench your hair with water before using the shampoo, applying it to your hair and massaging it into scalp, then rinsing. If you use the conditioner, make it enriched in collagen and apply it to mid-lengths and ends of your hair (do not use conditioner if your hair is on the oily side if you do, you risk removing your hair’s natural oils). With so many cost-effective ways of getting super-natural hair available, why would anyone opt for getting hair-extensions?

Product Comparison Table: OGX vs. Viviscal

FeatureOGX Thick & FullViviscal
Key IngredientsBiotin, Collagen, Wheat ProteinBiotin, Keratin, Marine Collagen, Seaweed Extract
Ideal for Hair TypeThin, LacklusterThinning, Breakage-Prone
ScentStrong, LastingMild, Clean

Overall, collagen shampoos like OGX and Viviscal do seem to offer promising benefits. If you decide to try one of these products for yourself, just keep in mind that their success could vary depending on your hair’s unique needs. That’s why it’s important to pick the best product for your specific hair concerns and to incorporate it into a complete hair care routine. After all, you know the saying: beauty is more than skin deep. And when it comes to beautiful hair, it starts with what you put on it and what you put in your body.


How do I know if a collagen infused shampoo is suitable for my hair type?

When deciding if a collagen infused shampoo is the choice for you take into account your hair type and individual requirements. If you have thin, limp, or lifeless hair, a volumizing collagen shampoo like OGX Thick & Full might be beneficial. A potent blend such as Viviscals Thickening Shampoo might be a choice for individuals with fragile or thinning hair. Considering the components and how they might impact your hair type is crucial.

What Are the Key Ingredients in OGX Thick & Full + Biotin & Collagen Shampoo?

The key ingredients in OGX Thick & Full + Biotin & The shampoo contains biotin, collagen and hydrolyzed wheat protein. Biotin is recognized for its ability to enhance hair strength collagen for boosting hair flexibility and quality and wheat protein for increasing volume and fullness. These components collaborate to nurture and improve the well being of your hair.

Where Can I Buy These Collagen Shampoos?

They can be purchased for about $60-$100 in chain pharmacies and beauty supply stores and they are also available online – Amazon for example. Because this product is sold across borders, make sure you check out the merchants in your area for the best at-home purchasing options.

When can I anticipate noticing changes from using collagen infused shampoo?

Depending on a person, it takes some time to see results after the application of collagen shampoo. Some users may experience an instant change of hair texture and volume, while other people need to use it regularly for a few weeks to see certain differences. In terms of hair care, the development is slow process, thus, you need to be patient enough in applying the procedure and using these kinds of product.

What is the ideal frequency for using collagen shampoo to achieve outcomes?

To get the most out of the collagen shampoo, it is usually advised that the hair be washed with the product every time, which could be every other day or a few times a week, depending on the texture of the hair and your preference. Repeated washing should be avoided however, because it strips the hair off its natural oil.

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  1. Tried collagen shampoo, saw instant boost in hair texture. Others say it takes weeks. Gotta stick with it. Hair needs time, like a slow-cooked stew.

  2. Yeah, I tried that collagen shampoo. Not gonna lie, some folks see quick results – instant bounce and fluff. Me? Took a few weeks to see the good stuff. Hairs a slow game, you know? Gotta stick with it. Patience pays off.

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