Do these 6 oils work let’s see Loreal 6 Oil Nourish Shampoo Review

In the review of Loreal 6 Oil Nourish Shampoo, I am going to give you the exact details about this product so that I can clear all your doubts.

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Loreal 6 Oil Nourish Shampoo is a shampoo designed to nourish, hydrate, and protect your hair with 6 oils.

It claims to provide 24-hour protection and be color-safe. This shampoo, which is made with a blend of six vegetable oils, helps your hair to restore its natural moisture and shine. It provides excellent hold to give your hair body and shine.

Let us see in this review what Loreal company claims in this Loreal 6 Oil Nourish Shampoo

Loreal 6 Oil Nourish Shampoo is one such shampoo that it says can help in nourishing and thickening hair. The shampoo contains ingredients that are intended to work together to restore the beneficial effects of the nutrient-rich food on your hair shaft.

The shampoo also claims to contain algae extracts and biotin. The website does not list the current UPC code for the product. The site carries a disclaimer that it is intended for people who are using natural products and are troubled by hair fall or thinning. It has been suggested that the shampoo will help add thicker hair and restore hair’s shine and luster.

This Loreal 6 Oil Nourish Shampoo gives a shiny, healthy look to your hair. It also claims to make your scalp feel healthy.

Loreal Paris 6 Oil Nourish Shampoo contains six micro-oils that nourish your hair from root to tip, leaving hair soft, shiny, thick, strong, silky, and manageable. This shampoo is formulated with a blend of six different oils, which include Argan, Almond, Jojoba, Olive, Coconut, and Camelina.

It penetrates deep into the scalp, providing maximum nourishment and care to all hair types. Nourishing shampoo can help with all types of hair fall. Loreal Paris 6 Oil Nourish Shampoo contains powerful treatments developed with exceptional technology for heat styling, color processing, and dryness.

Why get this shampoo?

A shampoo is a great option for those who have dry hair. It moisturizes and nourishes the hair from root to tip, leaving you with shiny, healthy-looking locks.

The shampoo is infused with oil and extracts of the rarest oils known to man, including the prized Argan Oil. It’s no wonder that Loreal developed this product, which is a great choice for anyone who wants to look gorgeous without spending a fortune on expensive hair products.

Loreal Paris 6 Oil Nourish Shampoo will give you a shiny, healthy-looking appearance. It starts off with a gentle Loreal 6 Oil Nourish Shampoo that is meant to nourish and strengthen hair from the inside out. It contains virgin olive oil and jojoba oil, which give your hair a more lustrous and silky feel, as well as Keratin Protein for extra strength.

This shampoo also has a lot of plant-based ingredients that help to nourish your scalp and hair follicles. Loreal Paris 6 Oil Nourish Shampoo is meant to nourish and strengthen hair from the inside out.

Let us know in detail about the benefits of the 6 oils that make this shampoo useful, which are as follows:

  1. Argan Oil
  2. Almond Oil
  3. Jojoba Oil
  4. Olive Oil
  5. Camelina Oil
  6. Coconut Oil

In this review of Loreal 6 Oil Nourish Shampoo, it is important to know about these 6 oils as the properties of these 6 oils are very useful in your ordinary life as well.

Argon Oil for strong hair

Argon Oil is a potent antioxidant that helps to boost hair’s overall health. Hair strengthening, prevention of hair loss, treatment of dandruff and scalp infections, removal of insect bites when applied to the skin, and muscle pain relief are just a few of the benefits.

The Loreal 6 Oil Nourish Shampoo is a shampoo that contains Argon oil for strong hairs. This shampoo has been designed to provide deep nourishment for your hair, as well as give an intense shine. Argon oil also makes hair much more manageable, reducing tangles and making it easier to style.

Almond oil thickens hair

The natural oils contained in almonds help to nourish the scalp and promote healthy hair growth.

Almonds also contain fatty acids that balance the pH levels in your hair, making it easier to maintain the desired pH level of your hair follicles.

Additionally, almond oil helps prevent dandruff while softening the hair cuticle and helping hair to lay down into healthy layers rather than frizzy clumps.

An important ingredient in 6 Oil Nourish Shampoo is the oil of almonds, which has a moisturizing and regenerating effect on the hair. It also helps strengthen hair from the roots and minimizes frizziness.

Jojoba Oil Promotes Hair Shine

Jojoba oil is the most abundant natural source of vitamin E, a nutrient that helps to maintain healthy hair. It also has properties that benefit the hair from the inside out.

It is an excellent moisturizer that can work as a natural treatment for scalp problems like eczema and dandruff. From an aesthetic standpoint, jojoba oil can help to prevent frizziness and breakage due to its high levels of antioxidants.

One of the top ingredients in this Loreal 6 Oil Nourish Shampoo is jojoba oil, which is a plant-based oil that promotes hair shine and softness.

Olive oil makes hair soft

Olive oil is a natural hair moisturizer that provides a soft and silky texture to the hair. It also helps in preventing dryness, breakage, and split ends. Olive oil is an excellent carrier agent for essential oils to revitalize the scalp and make your hair smell amazing.

Loreal 6 Oil Nourish Shampoo is a shampoo that helps to restore and maintain healthy hair. It has a rich formula that is sulfate-free, paraben-free, colorant-free, and silicone-free.

Camelina oil makes hair smooth

Camelina oil is one of the most effective oils for people with dry or frizzy hair. It contains Vitamin D, which makes our hair soft and smooth.

Camelina oil has been used in infusions and shampoos for centuries. Loreal 6 Oil Nourish Shampoo has Camelina oil, which is packed with plenty of omega-3 fatty acids. This oil helps to make hair smooth, soft, and shiny. It also improves the appearance of dullness and frizziness.

Coconut oil makes hair manageable

Coconut oil is a great source of Vitamin E, which is also known for its benefits on the hair. It makes it shiny and soft, locks in moisture, and makes volume.

Coconut oil is a great natural conditioner and it helps to make hair more manageable. It also promotes conditioning by leaving a healthy and shiny coat of hair.

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How to use the Loreal 6 Oil Nourish Shampoo

Apply Loreal 6 Oil Nourish Shampoo to wet hair, concentrating primarily on the ends of your hair. Massage gently into the wet scalp, hair, lather, and rinse for soft, nourished, and healthy hair. For extra nourishment, wet your hair with a conditioner or use a deep conditioner like Kerastase Oleo-Relax or Dove Deep Moisture Conditioner.

Product Details

Loreal 6 Oil Nourish Shampoo comes in 192 ml to 1-liter weights that you get in bottle form. This shampoo has been recognized as the best-selling product of Loreal company. This shampoo is designed for adult use only. Both men and women can use it. It can be used up to 4 times a week.

Note- Loreal 6 Oil Nourishing Shampoo is not meant for baby use. Use only baby care products intended for children.

Product Price

The price of Loreal 6 Oil Nourish Shampoo ranges from Rs.120 to Rs.700 and is available in different weights. On Amazon, you get to see it at a better price than the market rate.

In this Loreal 6 Oil Nourish Shampoo review, let us now look at some of the questions and answers asked about this product

Is this shampoo suitable for dry frizzy hair?

Yes, it is suitable for dry curly hair, you can use it without any hesitation.

Is it suitable for oily scalp?

Yes, it is really effective this shampoo works like magic on oily scalp.

Does it not lather the hair, does it act as a conditioner?

Loreal 6 Oil Nourish Shampoo also lathers the hair and also acts as a conditioner, just follow the instructions.

Can I use it on my cysteine-treated hair?

yes of course you can use it.

Is there any benefit to using conditioner as it already makes hair so smooth and shiny?

You can skip the conditioner but if you want to use it, use L’Oreal conditioner.

Pros and Cons of this Loreal 6 Oil Nourish Shampoo


  • This shampoo is great for people with colored hair because it’s formulated to keep your hair looking nourished and shiny.
  • It leaves hair feeling lighter, which is great for those who want their hair to feel like silk.
  • 6 Oil Nourish Shampoo moisturizes and conditions your scalp.
  • It’s also proven to be gentle on your hair, so you won’t experience any damage or breakage.
  • Plus, unlike other shampoos, it doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals that could potentially irritate your scalp and cause further damage.


  • Loreal 6 Oil Nourish Shampoo doesn’t have an anti-foaming agent which makes it difficult to control the amount foamed that enters the water.
  • This shampoo also has a lot of additives in it which may cause allergic reactions or skin irritations.
  • This shampoo claims to be greasy but some people say, it only coats the hair and does not really greasy anything as promised.
  • Non-returnable product.

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Alternative of this product

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  1. Jojoba oil rocks for hair! Packed with vitamin E, it keeps my hair healthy. Its like a secret potion for strong, shiny locks.

  2. Just tried Loreal 6 Oil Nourish Shampoo, my hair feels amazing! The Argon oil really does the trick for strong, shiny locks.

  3. My hair loves almond oil – no more dandruff, and its all smooth now. No frizz, just healthy layers. Almond oil is like magic for my hair!

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