Loreal Hair Serum Review: Is It Worth It To You Or Not?

In this Review, we will be discussing the new hair serum from Loreal Paris. Read on to discover what the product does and whether or not it is worth the money for you.

Loreal is an international company that has been around for decades. They have a wide range of products and one of them is their hair serum.

This is a hair care product that promises to give you fuller, healthier-looking hair in just two weeks. It contains no ammonia or peroxide and is color-safe.

Loreal Paris Extraordinary Oil Hair Serum provides perfect oil balance to the hair. This hair serum helps control frizz and flyaways, leaving your hair silky smooth with a natural shine.

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First, take a look at the description of Loreal Hair Serum

Loreal hair serum is a very popular product for both men and women. It claims to make your hair stronger, shinier, longer, and fuller. The reviews on the internet suggest that this product works for many people.

This review of Loreal Hair Serum, by a woman who does not have thin hair, is about the struggle she faces when trying to find a product that works for her. The reviewer has tried many products and did not find what she was looking for until she discovered this one. She says it has made her hair healthier and shinier in addition to being more manageable. She also uses it on her skin and claims that it’s helped with the aging process.

Loreal Hair Serum is a hair treatment serum that has been in the market for over 10 years. It is known to be effective and one of the most popular products on the market. Here are some claims of the company:

Deep Nourishment

Loreal Paris Extraordinary Oil Hair Serum transforms dull, lifeless hair with a lush, lightweight Hair Oil Serum – apply and see the difference from the first usage.

6 Oil-Complex

A mixture of 6 rare floral oils and additional botanical extracts such as Sunflower Oil, Coconut Oil, and Soybean Oil that hydrates and seals the hair cuticles. one of the greatest hair serums for dry, frizzy hair on the market.

Loreal Hair Serum Versatile Use

The following are some of the applications for this hair product: Prior to Shampooing To nurture and prepare the hair prior to washing Before Drying Your Hair To protect hair from heat and give it a smooth finish as it dries Hair Styling Before To smooth out frizzy hair and offer unruly hair strands manageability For Beautiful Hair To provide hair with long-lasting freshness, luster, and shine As a Hair Treatment Overnight To feed your hair deeply so that you can wake up with disciplined, manageable hair.

Benefits of Loreal Hair Serum

As a woman, hair is one of the most important parts of your body. It’s what you sleep in and it can be your crowning glory. However, many women struggle with hair that is dry, damaged, or just not quite the way they want it to be. Loreal Hair Serum uses innovative technology to give your hair healthier-looking locks.

Loreal Hair Serum is a highly effective and dermatologically approved hair growth product that has been providing people with the best results when it comes to hair loss, thinning, and other similar problems. People suffering from these issues can find relief from Loreal Hair Serum by using it on a daily basis and stopping at night before going to bed.

This review looks at the benefits of the Loreal Hair Serum and its ingredients. The hair serum has a few different ingredients for different types of hair, such as those that are straight or curly. The shampoo and conditioner in this set are designed to go together.

The Loreal Hair Serum is a lightweight serum that is formulated with powerful ingredients. The product comes with an anti-aging formula that prevents hair damage and maintains healthy-looking locks. It also contains antioxidants and scalp massagers to stimulate the growth of new skin cells and prevent hair thinning.

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Ingredients of this Hair Serum

The Loreal Paris Extraordinary Oil Hair Serum with 6 oil-complex for damaged hair has a unique formula that nourishes, repairs, and strengthens damaged hair.

It will repair split ends and restore your hair’s natural sheen and shine naturally with no damage or side effects.

The ingredients of Loreal Paris Extraordinary Oil Hair Serum with 6 Oil-Complex for Damaged Hair are Jojoba oil, Macadamia seed oil, Argan oil, Grapeseed oil, Sesame seed oil, and Avocado oil.

When and how to use Loreal Hair Serum

The hair serum is specifically designed for dry, damaged, and split ends. You can use it on wet or dry hair as well as apply it to wet or dry hair for faster results. Keep in mind that you should use the serum for three consecutive days in order to see any significant changes in your hair.

When you use Extraordinary Oil Hair Serum, it will create a smooth surface that allows the serum to penetrate better and provides more nourishment to your hair. The best time to apply it is before going out. It can also be applied before sleeping for some extra curl definition.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we use it for hair growth?

No, it does not help in hair growth. The serum leaves you with exceptionally soft, smooth, frizz-free, and shiny hair.

Does it help to prevent hair fall?

Yes, Loreal Hair Serum does reduce hair fall due to breakage.

Can I use it on wet hair or dry hair?

This hair serum can be used on damp hair as well as dry hair.

Can baby curly hair be applied to the scalp when it is ready?

Extraordinary Oil Hair Serum for Women and Men should not be used on infants. The product is recommended for use by persons over the age of 14.

Does it give a completely frizz-free look? I have very curly hair, does it work on my curly hair?

It gives a beautiful shine to hair and is very nice and beautiful.

Pros & Cons of Loreal Hair Serum


  • Loreal Paris fortifies the scalp to fight dryness and prevent hair breakage.
  • This hair serum cleanses your hair and helps in restoring its natural shine and volume.
  • The serum also strengthens the strands of hair, making them softer and more manageable.
  • It also moisturizes your hair from the inside, helping protect it from heat damage.
  • This revitalizing serum is a unique blend of six essential oils that nourish, moisturize, and give intense shine.


  • The primary disadvantage of using this product is that it can weigh down your hair.
  • Some customers have claimed that it doesn’t work, the formula is too drying, and there is no significant change in the condition of their hair after using it.
  • The last downside is that the product only lasts 6 weeks, which is nowhere near enough time to see any results.

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Alternative to this Product

Mamaearth Onion Oil Scalp Serum with Onion Oil & Niacinamide for Healthy Hair Growth – 50ml

Mamaearth Onion Oil Scalp Serum is specially formulated to help eliminate dandruff and restore shine to the hair. It’s made with organic ingredients that are gentle on the scalp and make it feel healthier. The serum also contains a blend of natural oils and other nutrients, including olive oil and niacinamide.

WOW Skin Science Hair Loss Control Therapy Serum, 100 ml

WOW Skin Science Hair Loss Control Therapy Serum combats hair loss by promoting new growth. It contains biotin, which helps to improve the speed of hair growth and production, as well as vitamin C, which reduces inflammation in the scalp, leading to a healthier state for your hair.

My opinion about this Loreal Hair Serum

I got this Loreal Hair Serum when it was on sale last month. It’s been a while since I’ve used hair products, and I have to say that this did not disappoint. My hair has always been thin, long, and very dry. This serum made my hair less frizzy, stronger, shiny, and so much more manageable.

I think that this Loreal hair serum is a good product to use if you’re looking for something to give your hair a boost. I like how it leaves my hair feeling light and shiny. It also has a really great smell. Overall, I’m giving this product 3 out of 5 stars because the only drawback is that it doesn’t have a pump which would make the application easier.


  1. Tried Loreal Paris new hair serum. Its a game-changer! My hair feels softer and looks shinier. Worth the bucks, trust me. Check the review for the deets.

  2. I love that hair product. It makes my hair shiny and looks really nice. I mean, its just beautiful. I use it all the time. Cant get enough of it. Great stuff, you know?

  3. Just tried Loreal Paris Extraordinary Oil Hair Serum. No more frizz! Hairs super smooth and shiny. Perfect oil balance. Lovin it!

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