Knowable Review for Lakme 9 to 5 cc Cream

I am very glad that you have come to my review post. In this review, I am trying to tell everything about Lakme 9 to 5 CC Cream. Let’s see how this product fares for you.

Every person wants to look good and to look good we have to use many types of cosmetics. Because in most of our places in India there is a problem of pollution, which is not good for our skin.

If we get the right directions then things become easy to understand. Which I will try to tell you in this review.

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Here, I will also throw light on some serious skin conditions that we need to know.

Lakme 9 to 5 CC Cream Review What does the Company Claim in this Product

Lakme 9 to 5 CC Cream Review; 9 to 5 CC Cream is made by Lakme (Hindustan Unilever Limited). This cream is great for all skin types including sensitive skin types.

It contains 30 grams of cream which we get to see in a tube. Actually, its work is used for dark spots, brightening. There are other things that use it, which I’ll tell you next.

In this, you get the fragrance of rose which makes you feel good. Apart from this, it also provides you with UV protection. By using it, moisture remains in the skin and keeps your face covered.

It is made of these materials which makes it our use:

  • Cyclopentasiloxane
  • Glycerin
  • Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate

If I say in my language, then take a pea-sized amount of it and apply it to the face. Gently pat the cream with your fingers until it is completely absorbed into the skin and remember to Avoid contact with the eyes.

The best part is that this cream combines the goodness of your everyday skin cream with the right touch of makeup to give you that perfect look in minutes.

The cream is available in 4 skin tones which work perfectly well for all Indian skin tones. Its skincare benefits include sun protection (SPF 30), moisturizing, brightening, and refreshing, while its makeup benefits are an even skin tone and basic coverage to give you a naturally flawless look.

Lakme 9 to 5 CC Cream Skin Tone Colours:

  • Beige
  • Bronze
  • Honey
  • Almond

There are 4 types of skin related problems found in India

We would never want your beautiful face to have facial skin problems anytime, but the problem of pollution in India is so much that it can happen to anyone. Which is as follows:

Acne is a common problem

  • Moisturizing or oil-based hair care products can clog pores and promote acne.
  • Acne in general on the nose or T-zone can be associated with excess oil production.
  • Women with acne cosmetics may present with small bumps on the cheeks, chin, or forehead. Pimples on the cheeks can also be linked to exposure to dirty phones. pillows or other habits like touching their face frequently.
  • Pimples around the mouth and along the jawline are more commonly seen in adult female acne, which is at least somewhat hormonally driven. These patients may have more male hormones in their skin.

Dark Circles are also commonly seen

  • Some people do not believe, but genetics can also be a dark circle.
  • Pigmentation in dark circles is a serious problem that has to be treated for a long time.
  • Dark circles also cause the problem of rubbing eyes in many people.
  • And some people also have the problem of water retention due to black circles.
Skin becomes dry when the weather changes
  • When there is a lack of moisture on your face, your facial cells die and the skin starts becoming dry and rough.
  • Dry skin also causes itching, which gives you a lot of trouble.
  • After both these problems, your skin becomes cracked and there is a possibility of bleeding.
Small bumps on the skin called Blackheads
  • Due to the clogging of pores, blackheads arise in the form of small bumps on our faces.
  • Due to oily skin, small pimples start on the face which later take the form of blackheads.
  • Blackheads can also be caused by the use of certain medications such as corticosteroids, lithium, or androgens.

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Now let us see how the Lakme 9 to 5 CC cream works against these skin problems that I have experienced

To be seen, I have been using this product for the last 4 years, I use it every day, my experience with this product has been great. I always keep it in my bag.

The cream is perfect for a lite makeup base. For the cover, the face doesn’t need a lot of creams, needs a very small amount of cream, and gives very nice coverage.

This cream acts as your everyday mini skin stylist and gives you that perfect look of makeup + skincare for any occasion.

There are so many shades available, you can easily find them according to your skin tone. I have mostly used beige tones. Beige tones are a good pick and I feel all skin tones are totally infused with radial goodness.

Now to let you know if this product works against the problems I’ve told you, let’s take a look:

Is this the opposite of acne?

Women who go out more, due to the ongoing pollution in our Indian country it is clear that how much danger is there to their skin, due to which they become a victim of acne. Lakme 9 to 5 cc cream comes in SPF 30 sun protection which acts as a shield on our facial skin and prevents us from getting acne.

Is it beneficial for dark circles?

As I told you earlier in this review this cream forms a shield on your face which dissolves in your skin and provides a lather. Lakme CC Cream moisturizes the skin, with its continuous use, your dark circles also start clearing.

Does Moisture Relieve Dryness?

Obviously, when the moisture remains in your skin, then the question of dryness does not arise. Lakme CC Cream moisturizes and refreshes your skin as well as enriches it with makeup. This cream takes full care of your complexion which makes you feel good.

Can blackheads be treated?

If you also have blackheads, then do this, applying a separate paste on your skin will get rid of blackheads for some time. Sometimes I mean if you have to go somewhere quick to party or out, it will work. You have to use them daily to get rid of blackheads, its ingredients will be very beneficial in doing this work.

Let see Prose and Cause of Lakme 9 to 5 cc Cream


  • This cream is perfect for a light makeup base.
  • Not much cream is required to cover the face, very little amount of cream is required and gives very good coverage.
  • Glowing skin makes you feel confident and so does the product with you.
  • Skin looks glowing and natural not artificial.
  • Perfect for those who do not like to pile up their face with a lot of makeup.
  • You can use it even if you have oily skin, after use you can apply some compact powder.


  • non-refundable product.
  • We choose a specific shade that matches our skin tone but the shade selection can be wrong too.
  • Some people got some acne after using it.
  • If not used properly: Some people said that the product is not hiding spots and imperfections as the original along with making it look attractive.

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Price of Lakme 9 to 5 cc Cream

Lakme 9 to 5 cc cream comes in between Rs 330 to Rs 340. You can also get it during the offer on Amazon and at a reduced price. Buying from Amazon can prove to be a profitable deal for you.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Product

I have a wheatish complexion with oily skin but my skin looks a bit dark instead of fair when I use the Lakme 9to5 cc bronze shade?

Because you use the wrong shade according to your skin tone. You definitely use the shade “beige”.

My skin is wheatish and dry skin. Which one should I prefer?

Choose Lakme CC Beige shade.

My complexion is tan. Which shade of Lakme CC Cream should I try?

For dark complexion, you can use Lakme 9 to 5 Complexion Care CC Cream Almond.

What skin color is bronze suitable for?

Suitable for dusky.

This is my last word about Lakme 9 to 5 CC Cream

I have let you know everything you are going to get about Lakme 9 to 5 CC Cream. If you take care of your skin then this can be the right choice for you. Lakme is a trustworthy company you can go with.


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