Mamaearth Sunscreen Review: Does It Work in Strong Sunshine?

This is a review post written about Mamaearth Sunscreen. In this review, I am going to give you complete information about this product.

When it comes to when to wear sunscreen, the answer is easy – every day and every time you head outside. It is quite common for people to use sunscreen, but this step is often skipped when people forget or don’t want to apply it.

When you go out in the sun, you need to protect your skin from any type of damage caused by UV radiation. Luckily, there are different levels of protection that can be achieved by wearing sunscreen

Mamaearth HydraGel Indian Sunscreen SPF 50, With Aloe Vera & Raspberry, for Sun Protection by Mamaearth, is a classic sunscreen that gives you ample protection from the sun.

Before proceeding further in this review, I would like to tell you that I had reviewed Mamaearth Under Eye Cream in my previous post. If you are looking for a good dark circle cream, then you can take a look at this one. You will find this review in the Mamaearth category.

In this review, let’s take a look at Mamaearth, the manufacturer of this sunscreen

Mamaearth is an India-based company. The unique thing about this company is that its entire line of products is all made with natural ingredients and without the use of harmful chemicals.

Their website says that they are committed to the health of those around them and their family.

Thoughts of Mamaearth Company

We are parents like you. We are on a mission to improve mama and child well-being by reducing parenting stress.

All our ingredients are toxin-free (No harmful chemicals) & lab tested. We add some great natural ingredients like fresh herbs, essential oils & chamomile.

We offer products with natural ingredients that are safe and helpful in keeping your family happy, healthy, and comfortable.

Let us now check out the Mamaearth Sunscreen Review

A lot of sunscreens leave a greasy, sticky film on the skin. This can cause a number of problems. It can be hard to put on if it’s too thick and you might consider not using it at all due to the messiness or because of its inability to provide adequate protection. Avoid such a situation by trying out Mamaearth HydraGel Indian Sunscreen SPF 50, With Aloe Vera & Raspberry.

We all know how harmful the sun can be. UVA and UVB rays cause long-term sun damage like sunburn, dark spots, dry and itchy skin. What’s the solution? Avoid long-term sun damage by using a sunscreen with SPF 50 that not only protects but also hydrates! Mamaearth HydraGel Indian Sunscreen is made for Indian skin. The gel-based formula with SPF 50 soothes the skin while protecting it from harmful rays.

This product offers broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection, along with antioxidants to help protect the skin from free radical damage.

How Does the Sunscreen Work?

The Aloe Vera & Raspberry HydraGel is supposed to be the safest sunscreen out there because it does not contain any harmful chemicals. It’s also a great choice for those with sensitive skin.

The formula contains aloe vera and raspberry extracts, both of which have natural sun protection properties, such as antioxidants and ferulic acid.

Sunscreen has the ability to protect the skin from both UVA and UVB rays. Aloe Vera and Raspberry extract provide hydration while antioxidants help neutralize free radicals.

The sunscreen is titanium dioxide and zinc oxide-free, making it environmentally friendly, as well as vegan, and cruelty-free.

Why Mamaearth is the Best Sun Protection?

Let us now look at the Mamaearth Sunscreen review to see why we should be conserving the product. Which is like this:

  • Raspberry present in the Mamaearth Sunscreen is high in antioxidants. The SPF 50 formula protects your skin from UV damage.
  • This moisturizing formula is lightweight and non-sticky. Aloe Vera makes it feel silky and helps hydrate your skin for long periods of time.
  • Raspberry in the sunscreen protects against the sun and its harmful rays while hydrating dry skin.
  • Free of Parabens, SLS, Petroleum, Artificial Preservatives, & Colors. Made from natural and organic ingredients.
  • The Mamaearth Sunscreen is dermatologically tested and suitable for all skin types.

How to use Mamaearth Sunscreen

Apply Mamaearth Sunscreen to all exposed areas of your body, including your face and neck. Sunscreen effectively protects against UV rays which can cause dark spots and skin cancer.

Re-apply every 6 hours for optimal protection. Apply before or after swimming to prevent over-hydration. Sunscreen can also be used under make-up.

Let’s take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions and answers about Mamaearth sunscreen

Can I apply moisturizer before or after sunscreen?

You can apply sunscreen after moisturizer.

Is MamaEarth’s Sunscreen good for dry skin?

It’s excellent for dry skin.

How many minutes of sun protection does a product offer?

Around 4 to 5 hrs and then you have to reapply it.

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Pros and Cons of Mamaearth Sunscreen


  • It is a natural ingredient in skin care products and hydrates skin preventing dryness for more than 15 minutes.
  • Glycerin provides immediate hydration and keeps dryness away for long periods of time.
  • Protect your skin from damaging UVA & UVB rays with this sun-safe everyday sunscreen that feels light on your skin.
  • Aloe Vera is suitable for all skin types. It leaves a non-sticky & lightweight feeling after application.
  • Vitamin C and antioxidants protect your skin from sun damage. This helps reduce the signs of aging, with a healthy and rejuvenated complexion.
  • It has no harmful chemicals and is 100% safe to add to your daily skin regimen.


  • Your skin may experience an allergic reaction.
  • Not recommended for sensitive skin types.
  • People with acne-prone skin may not see the expected results.
  • There is no guarantee that it will work for oily skin.
  • Sunscreens may make your skin darker in color.

Mamaearth Sunscreen Cost

Mamaearth sunscreen is priced between Rs.300 and Rs.400. Amazon will be a good alternative for you as it has a good delivery rating and offers discounts for subscriptions.

A Substitute for this Product

Lakme Sun Expert Tinted Sunscreen 50 SPF PA+++, Natural Tone, With Cucumber, Lightweight, Ultra Matte Finish, Blocks Upto 97% Harmful Sunrays, 100 ml

Lakme Sun Expert Tinted Sunscreen 50 SPF PA+, Natural Tone, With Cucumber, Lightweight, Ultra Matte Finish, Blocks Upto 97% Harmful Sunrays is a lightweight sunscreen that is compatible with all skin types.

This sunscreen features natural ingredients like cucumber extract and aloe vera that moisturize the skin. It also has an ultra-matte finish that blocks out 97% of harmful sun rays.

Lotus Herbals Safe Sun 3-In-1 Matte Look Daily Sunblock SPF 40 | 100g

Lotus Sunscreen is a sunscreen that provides safety from the sun. It features three benefits: lightweight, moisture resistance, and all-day protection. Lotus Sunscreen also highlights a matte, lightweight finish that doesn’t feel greasy or drags on your skin.

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  1. Tried Mamaearth Stretch Marks Cream, its legit. Noticed a real difference. No BS. Skin feels smoother. Not greasy. Thumbs up for real talk. Worth a shot, seriously.

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